Getting Cozy With… Go Fiasco!

Go FiascoHello, Readers of A Music Blog Yea,

We are Go Fiasco, a 4 piece band from Liverpool, consisting of Daniel Duggan (Lead vocals, Guitar), Jamie Roberts (Lead Guitar), Ben Murphy (Bass) & Liam Gardener (Drums).

In order to introduce ourselves and really get cozy, we’d like to play a quick game with you.

Here are 4 stories about us, 3 of which are true, 1 of which is a lie, and we will leave it to you to decide which is the lie.

1. We once stole an out of tune piano because we it was perfectly out of tune and we knew we’d never be able to replicate the sound of it.

2. The managers of our practice rooms had to up their security measures after we accidentally had a party which continued till 11am Friday morning, at which point we became aware that our practice rooms were full of characters we didn’t know, including one misplaced grey haired man in his late 40’s.

3. When looking to form a band, Duggan, our lead singer, knocked on a nearby house when he heard the sound of a talented drummer. To his surprise, Liam, an old friend he hadn’t seen for 3 years, was that drummer. Neither of them had played instruments the last time they spoke, and since that day they have not made music without each other.

4. Our Guitarist, Jamie, read guitar magazines for 4 years before he ever played a guitar.

If any of you are interested enough to find out which is the lie, be sure to check our Facebook page and Twitter over the next few weeks, where all will be revealed!

Thanks for playing, Go Fiasco


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