Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ Pavilions

PavilionsPavilions join Madina Lake on their farewell tour this week, ahead of the show at Liverpool Academy on Saturday AMBY caught up with the band to find out more about the band and their upcoming debut album.

AMBY: Pavilions introduce yourselves.

Pavilions: We are Tezz Roberts – Vocals, Ryan ‘Coop’ Cooper – Guitars/Vocals, Alex Headen – Guitars, Tel Earthey – Drums, and Matty Daley – Bass

AMBY: What’s the story behind your name?

Pavilions: Oh we can’t tell you that it’s a secret! It’s a shame we can’t too because the story behind it is hilarious.

AMBY: For anyone who’s not heard you yet how would you describe your sound?

Pavilions: Something new, exciting and contagious! A lot of people have described us as a Post-Hardcore/Progressive band, we just like to think we’ve got a little something for everyone to enjoy. There are those technical riffs that compliment the punchy chord structures and powerful choruses which are all carried by Tezz’s melodic vocals. There are some really heavy guitar lines, then we have songs with some really funky pop style riffs and bass lines thrown in. We just hope the kids out there enjoy what we’ve got to give and want to sing along.

AMBY: You’ve recently recorded your debut album tell us some more.

Pavilions: Recording the album was such an amazing experience, just to be able to record a whole body of work that we’ve been sitting on for so long and are all really proud of was great. We spent a little over two weeks down in London with producer Dan Lancaster (Don Broco, Mallory Knox)he has had loads of experience with awesome current rock bands but is also producing bands like JLS and Lawson so it was so beneficial having someone behind our album with that catchy pop influence. We recorded 10 tracks for the album, which Tel completed drums for in little over 8 hours, he is a machine! We got really creative with the vocals on this album, we experimented so much, trying so many new vocal harmonies which we hadn’t thought of before heading into the studio. Every member contributes to all aspects of the songs which really helps, for example Alex even played some bass and some drum parts for the album, it just makes the recording process more fun.

AMBY: Who influences you as a band?

Pavilions: There are so many bands which influence us.  When we set out at the beginning we made a point of not really wanting to give ourselves a genre or a style, we never wanted to feel constricted to any boundaries just to play and write what we felt we wanted to hear, so we take ideas from a lot of places. Our producer Dan was actually a huge influence. He was the singer/guitarist for a band called Proceed which is one of the main reasons we went to record with him in the first place.

AMBY: What’s been your favourite album of 2013 so far?

Pavilions: Pierce The Veil – Collide With The Sky.  The production on the album is incredible, the songs just switch pace so seamlessly and it’s so intricate in the way it has been written.

AMBY: Where can we catch Pavilions live?

Pavilions: We are playing with Madina Lake and Fearless Vampire Killers on the 5th October in Liverpool and there are a lot more one off shows in the pipeline. We are also heading out on a UK tour at the beginning of November! More details will be available very soon just keep checking our Facebook page we update it all the time with show announcements and general goings on .

AMBY: Outside of music what do you get up to for fun?

Pavilions: We actually love to go adventure. Whilst we were down at the studio we had a day off and decided to wander through this big nature reserve near our hotel. As usual we lost, but where we ended up was this huge lake in the middle of nowhere! Sure there’s a video of Coop swimming in it somewhere.

AMBY: If you could create a law that everyone would have to follow, what would it be?

Pavilions: For one day a year everybody has to dress up as a superhero, that’ll allow the real ones to get out for a bit in the daytime without being judged for looking stupid.

AMBY: Last, but never least tell AMBY something about Pavilions nobody else knows yet.

Pavilions: Well we have two very special guests vocalists on our debut album, but we can’t tell you who they are, you’ll have to buy the debut album to find out!


Thank you Pavilions, for giving us your answers!

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