Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ Human Parts

Human PartsFlorida has always been a breeding ground for amazing bands and even better beards. Straight out of Gainesville, Florida; Human Parts are an Indie Punk quartet that blends folk, dance, and Florida punk. Featuring ex-Against Me! bassist Andrew Steward, Human Parts have been trailblazing through and gaining many followers through their upbeat live shows and great videos that draw in eyes as well as ears. I recently chatted with Andrew to find out the inner working of Human Parts.

AMBY: Human Parts has a very dynamic blend of folk, dance, indie and punk that comes out especially in songs like Now We Wake Up. When the band first come together what musical approach were you going for?

Human Parts: Honestly, there was no musical approach. Everything that came out just came out. Totally not copping out on this answer. It’s the truth! This LP is what it is. I can hear every description that you are saying and I totally agree. The goal was just to have music that we all felt good about and were proud of. It didn’t have to fit into any specific genre or mold. AKA fuck it. Let’s do this.

AMBY: There’s a long list of amazing bands and musicians that come out of Gainesville; how did the scene react to Human Parts?

Human Parts: So far so good. None of us have had anyone slap us in the face yet. I know Daniel at Arrow’s Aim has sold 2 copies of the LP. That’s big time. P Diddy style sales is what I’m talking about. Is P Diddy relevant? Shit, probably not. Seriously though, this is a great town and everyone has been supportive. We play our official first show on Nov. 2nd so we’ll see how it goes. Wait, that’s during the FEST, so the town will be filled with non-residents……..Not a good indication of how the town likes us. Let me get back to you on this one.

AMBY: You guys have quite the knack for making very good low budget videos for your songs. Was this the intention when you started the band or did this suddenly come about?

Human Parts: The initial idea was to make a video for every song. Still trying to make that happen. It just makes us feel alive to be creative and do these videos. It’s exciting!

Been making videos for about 2 years now. Mainly for friends in other bands. I’ve never had a real “budget” to work with. I would like to think that is half the charm. Just get a good idea and go with it. That’s one of the great things about living in Gainesville. It is very easy to call on friends to help with these videos. From using warehouse spaces to borrowing Short Yellow Busses to getting your friends to slap Ryan Young from Off With Their Heads in the face…….people have always answered the call when I have asked. Oh yeah, thanks for saying they are good!

AMBY: What’s your favourite song of 2013?

Human Parts: Just checked my iPod. According to stats…..”Graceless” by The National. Can’t fuck with facts.

AMBY: What’s something no one knows about Human Parts?

Human Parts: We are all Masons.


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