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Ski LodgeNew York City’s Ski Lodge and I had an instant connection– it was hard to not be captivated by their debut LP Big Heart. The album shows incredible contrast as sour lyrics are combined with delightful pop-melodies. With my love for the record, it was fantastic to chat with the band’s Andrew Marr. Have a read as we spoke about inspirations, Zach Braff films, lyrics, and LP number two.

AMBY: Hello Ski Lodge, what’s the band been up to lately?

Ski Lodge: Well we just played our record release party last week in Brooklyn which was great! Now we are all just kinda hangin out in New York enjoying the final days of summer. We’ve got one show in September but other than that I’ve been working on writing new material and we are trying to figure out touring plans for the fall/winter.

AMBY: How would you describe your sound to those unfamiliar with your music?

Ski Lodge: I guess I usually describe our music as “guitar-pop or indie-pop”. I try not to describe it too much though and just tell people to go have a listen instead.

AMBY: Who inspires your blissful surf pop-rock?

Ski Lodge: I’ve got a ton of bands and other things that inspire my music. The Smiths, The Walkmen, The Shins are a few of my favorites.  Although listening to other bands have a lot to do with my style, I think people I know and experiences I’ve had play just as big a part in driving me and inspiring me to write the types of songs that I do.

AMBY: Your debut album Big Heart was recently released on August 20th. What is the significance behind the album’s title?

Ski Lodge: Initially “Big Heart” was just for the name of the song with that title. When I started dating my current girlfriend Emily, she used to always tell me that I didn’t have a heart. I think part of her was kidding but a big part of her was serious. I’ve always been pretty shut down emotionally with other people so a lot of times they think that I just don’t care. It inspired me to write about what it feels like to be closed off like that and on the flip side what it’s like when you open up to everything and then get crushed because of it. After finishing the album I felt like that title/idea was representative of a lot of the songs so it made sense to have that be the title track.

AMBY: I adore the lyrics in Just To Be Like You; the contrast of the bitter yet hopeful lyrics against that jangled guitar is incredible. What inspired the song?

Ski Lodge: Thank you! The song was inspired by the idea that certain types of destructive lifestyles can sometimes look appealing. In the case of this song, it would be drinking yourself to death.

AMBY: Which Ski Lodge lyric is your favourite?

Ski Lodge: Hmm, I might have to go with “Does it bring you down, to know you’re nothing?”

AMBY: Yesterday you Tweeted that you’ve been working on LP number two. Which direction will this record go musically, and lyrically?

Ski Lodge: Yea I’ve got a bunch of new songs I’ve been working on. I’m not sure what direction it would be considered. I’ve been working on some mid-tempo/slower songs , so there might be more of that. I think I’m going to feature the piano and keyboards a little bit more. Lyrically it will probably be more about things that have been happening the last year or so, and I’d like to challenge myself to write about subjects I haven’t written about in the past. Not sure what yet.

AMBY: If you could choose to have your music featured in any movie or show, which would you choose?

Ski Lodge: It would be cool to have a song in a Wes Anderson movie, he always has great soundtracks. Or in Zach Braff’s next movie, the Garden State soundtrack was so amazing to me when that movie came out.

AMBY: What would a movie based on the band be called?

Ski Lodge: It would be called Trying Not To Die.

AMBY: Who have you been listening to this summer?

Ski Lodge: I’ve been listening to HAIM a lot.

AMBY: What’s your favourite song of the year so far?

Ski Lodge: Maybe “Falling” by HAIM.

AMBY: And lastly, what’s something about Ski Lodge that nobody knows yet?

Ski Lodge: I have never eaten at Subway (the sandwich place).


If you’re as fond of Ski Lodge as AMBY is, be sure to catch them live at CMJ this year on October the 16th. And thank you Ski Lodge, for giving us your answers!

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