Concert Review // Flume @ The Opera House

Flume // The Opera House // 05.09.13


With a dramatic opening of cinematic and ambient sounds, Australian EDM artist Flume (real name Harley Streten) calmly walked onto the stage of Toronto’s The Opera House.

The crowd had been warmed up by the electro-music of Touch Sensitive and Tokimonsta. Flume, however, added a twist to the traditional EDM scene, integrating a multifaceted light show into his performance.

Flume was often bathed in purple light, backlit by fluorescent shades of red and green, and turned into a shadow by harsh beams of white light. Every so often he would pick up a drumstick and add another (non-synthesized) dimension to his sound, amid spliced in rap-samples and warbled backbeats.

For the first half of his set, the screen behind him featured geometric patterns (like a glitch-art screensaver) and particle explosions (like the universe was being dismantled and then put back together). Most memorable was the video clip of two people—a guy and a girl, both with pixie cuts—leaning in to kiss; the focus shifted from his face, to her face, to his, and the music crescendoed as the two faces met.

At the front and centre of the stage, there was a hexagonal light box that emitted pulsing lights. In the music video for “More Than You Thought,” the light box has a hypnotic power over the female lead. It seemed to do the same for the majority of the audience—particularly during “Sleepless” and “Holdin On”—illustrating Flume’s success in turning an EDM show into a mesmerizing audio-visual spectacle.

For concert photos of Flume, click here.

Leah Edwards | @leahhedwards

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