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Jaz PatersonHello lovely AMBY readers! My name’s Jaz Paterson, and I’m a singer/songwriter from a wee place called Geraldine in New Zealand. The sort of music I write/sing/play is something I like to call predominantly pop music with a sprinkling of folk, country and rock. I have crazy weird tastes in music and am influenced by a massive range of artist – from Kanye West to Hayley Westenra. I’m not kidding. I also like alternative artists such as Daughter, Burial, and King Krule. I’ve recently released an EP of 5 of my original songs, which has been a really exciting experience. I love the recording process, and got to record the EP in 4 different studios, which is pretty unusual! When people ask me what influences me to write, I never know what to say because there are so many different things that influence me! The weirdest random little things in my day-to-day life will spark off songs – from the color of a friend’s earrings, a word on a billboard, the smell of hot food, the lines on someone’s skin, a melody line, anything. My plans for the time being are to continue writing, recording, and performing here in NZ, and hopefully take my music overseas someday.


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