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Delta WillHello folks!

Pleased to meet you. My name (here on Earth) is Delta Will. Allow me to introduce myself…

I am am an interstellar visitor who has fallen in love with Planet Earth. I was sent here on assignment to study humans and have since fallen deeply in love with your  traditions of folk, blues and pop music. I’m also quite fond of the natural beauty here, but also quite concerned with what you’re all doing to it on a daily basis.

I’ve been able to borrow Charles Tilden body’s and musical dexterity to make musical experiments of my own.  I’m about to release my 2nd EP this fall – in celebration of my being made an honourary human (an honour bestowed on me by my human friends). My friend Lowell Whitty (Heavyweights Brass Band) plays some mean drums on the record and he’ll be joining me on stage for many of my fall shows. I’ve made Toronto my 2nd home for now, since that’s where Charles lives.

If you’re wondering, “Delta” is the greek symbol for change – the relentless change happening around us all the time. It’s also a nod to the Mississippi river delta, where blues music made its start. “Will” is meant to signify “the will to…”, a certain willingness. But people will continue to assume it’s a person’s name and that’s fine by me.

Hope to see you around, wherever you are.

– D.W.


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