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Softly, DearHey AMBY

We just returned from a journey through the mystic woods of northern Wisconsin to curl up and get cozy with you guys. What is there to say? We are a band. We are all pretty much best friends, and we love making music together. We started out like most bands do—a couple of us found out we all like similar music and that we also play instruments. We spent long, sweaty nights in basements exploring our musical depths until we came up with a sound we all agreed upon. The manifestation of these nights is our recently released EP, entitled Portico. A lot of different people see a wide range of influences and underlying emotions in our music. As such, we try to be stylistically diverse yet maintain a central focus. Our music isn’t about a genre but about capturing a feeling. We want to take you on a journey when you listen to our EP.  Since the release of Portico we have been busy playing house shows and bar venues around the Midwest. We try to spread good vibes and encourage maximal fun wherever we go. Moving forward from the EP, we are currently writing new material with a single to be expected towards the end of the summer. Our goal is to go on tour at least by next summer, so if you would like us to play in your city feel free to drop us a line.


Softly, Dear


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