Ga Ga for Radio Play? Some tips

RadioIt’s worth saying at the outset that when starting out radio play is not the be all and end all of things. It’s probably better to focus on honing your writing and performing skills, and waiting for a track with good production rather than expecting a soundcloud demo to make the cut. But I realise a first play on the radio is a landmark moment for any band or artist. So this just a short article to highlight a few websites it is worth uploading tracks to for the chance of radio play.

First up which offers a number of ways to get played on Amazing Radio. The track could be play listed immediately by one of their DJs, or auditioned against other tracks in a weekly vote.

Next which is an alternative route to being featured on BBC Radio 6 Music independently of BBC Introducing. Run by Tom Robinson and a team of reviewers the site is about constructive criticism rather than a popularity contest. But if Tom likes your track enough he’ll put it on the BBC mixtape and play you on 6 Music late on Sunday night, and again on his Saturday show.

A road to Absolute Radio play, as well as live gigs, is offered by The site is a bit fiddly but worth persevering with. A shortlist of tracks goes to Sarah Champion who will select one to play on a Sunday night. And the track could also feature on the Student Radio Chart show played out across the university radio network.

And let’s not forget BBC Introducing which provides a route to your local BBC station, 6Music or even straight to BBC Radio 1 on Jen Long’s and Ally McCrae’s Sunday night show (yup, there’s something about new music and Sundays for radio schedulers!).

Hope at least some of you found this helpful. I realise that it has a very UK focus but I’m still exploring other alternatives in the US like NPR or the college radio networks. If you’ve got tips of your own you want to share please feel free to use the comment box below.

Gavin Watson | @watsongc

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