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Go FiascoDescribed as “an outlet for new music artists” 359 the brainchild of Alan Magee hosted its second event at Liverpool’s District earlier this month. A showcase for upcoming artists and bands I was pretty excited to catch one of the best new bands around Liverpool’s very own Sugarmen. I left not only having seen their best performance yet, but also received a very impressive introduction to mates Go Fiasco. Always on the lookout for talented new bands I caught up with Go Fiasco to find out more about the band and their music.

AMBY: Who are Go Fiasco?

Go Fiasco : Go Fiasco consists of the four of us (Duggan, Jamie, Liam & Ben), bored of uninspired music and trying to create something new and unique which inspires others to do more than just copy.

AMBY: How would you describe the band’s sound?                                           

Go Fiasco: We get described as a blend of Post-punk, Psychedelic, Indie and Rock&Roll. But ideally we’d like to sound like 4 young men creating whatever they want with no regards to limitations.

AMBY: Who would you say your biggest influences are as a band?                

Go Fiasco:  We all have hugely different influences, from Fleetwood Mac and Leonard Cohen to The Microphones, Echo & the Bunnymen, Jimi Hendrix, The Clash and Elvis and Led Zeppelin, it’d literally be too many to list our individual influences, but as a collective we’re perhaps more influenced by each other than by other bands, we play at something and keep evolving it and try to find a unique niche for each song.

We never want a song to sound like another band, to the point where we’ve been offended by people comparing us to acts, for example we were recently compared to The Doors and Television, who are great bands and it should be an honour to be compared to such legends, but the fact that people are comparing us to anything riles us a bit, though with perspective we realise the enormity of the compliments!

AMBY: You recently played The Picket/District for Alan Magee’s new club night 359, how did you get involved and how was it?

Go Fiasco: We were contacted by someone who had seen us before and knew his booking agent literally the night before the show as she was looking for a band to fill in after two bands had to drop out due to genuinely horrible circumstances. We didn’t even get a chance to practise beforehand but we feel we went down a storm, and are going to be booked again in 2014 which is exciting as we’ll have time to prepare and be able to put on a truly special show.

After we had come offstage, we all received compliments from Alan and his entourage, and Jamie was even called a guitar hero by Alan McGee himself, and we’ve received messages and emails full of compliments afterwards which has been amazing!

Where else can we catch Go Fiasco live?

Go Fiasco : We are supporting The Tea Street Band in the Zanzibar on the 9th of November, we are due to be on stage at 8:45 so get there for 8:30 to avoid disappointment, this is a show that is very likely to sell out so make sure you grab a ticket in advance! (Tickets here) And we are also back at District on the 22nd November playing for Milk Presents.. both of which will be boss nights where we will showcase some new material from the upcoming EP as well as a single which will be released well into 2014, so pretty exciting stuff!

AMBY: I hear you’re headed in to the studio soon what can we expect in terms of future releases?                                                                                                  

Go Fiasco:  We have a 6 song EP, entitled Meet My Mystery, which we cannot wait to get out in a properly recorded form, we have demos of it floating about, but we feel they really downplay the music beneath the vocals which created a more homogenous sound. I think people will finally realise how much work went into constructing these songs when they hear them in all their glory!

AMBY: The music scene in Liverpool is bursting with great new bands any recommendations?                                                                                                 

Go Fiasco:  We’ve heard Go Fiasco are great… Only kidding, we are excited to play with The Tea Street Band and see what they’re like, and we enjoy our friends in Sugarmen’s music too, we played with them at 359 and are looking to book more gigs together soon

AMBY:  What’s been your favourite album of 2013?                                                 

Go Fiasco: Again it’s been different for all of us, but we have been incredibly busy with being in the studio twice this year doing demos and final recordings and we’ve been wrapped up in trying to get our live show as good as it can be, and we try not to listen to other people’s music so much when we are working on our own.  I guess we could say the Meet My Mystery EP is our collective favourite, but also our least favourite too haha, we hear it so much!

AMBY:  What do you get up to outside of music for fun?                                  

Go Fiasco: A particular habit we’ve noticed we’ve developed on nights out is being hit on by girls and at some point, before anything happens, walking off or somehow ignoring them. Not on purpose it just somehow happens and we find it hilarious that we’ve accidentally been so rude.

AMBY:  And lastly, what’s something about Go Fiasco that nobody knows yet?

Go Fiasco:  Our new EP will be released in both Stereo and in 5.1 Surround Sound, which is pretty cool. We are also beginning work on our first music video with our friends over at UnScene Media in the coming weeks, so watch out for more info there!


If you want to hear more from this Psychedelic/Post-Punk/Indie/Rock&Roll four-piece you can check them out below:

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