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Pup-punk is back on the rise and is arguably as popular today as it has ever been. Eastbourne band ROAM have only been together for just over a year but are already preparing for their first nationwide tour! Their unique take on pop-punk has already won over critics and fans alike. I was lucky enough to catch up with guitarist and vocalist Alex Adam where we chatted about Tony Hawk, Jonah Hill, and a pallet warehouse.

AMBY: Hey ROAM, how are you doing and what have you been up to in the past week?

ROAM: Hey, we’re good thanks! The past week we’ve been sorting out a load of new winter merch and setting our new video live for “Nothing In Return”!

AMBY: On November 4th 2012 you played your first ever show and now you’re about to set off on your first nationwide tour. Have you been taken aback by your rapid rise to fame?

ROAM: Honestly, it hasn’t really seemed like a rapid rise to fame! From our point of view things had been growing at a good rate until we released the video for head rush. From that point things picked up very quickly, what with management, agents and the Neck Deep tour. It kind of took us aback how much happened for us just from that video, so we’re very grateful!

AMBY: Pop-punk is having somewhat of a revival and I know that MY earliest exposure to the genre was via the Tony Hawks games. Where did you guys find the influences that have helped you find your sound?

ROAM: The same! Tony Hawks was my first exposure to that kind of punk sound in a more listenable pop context, which was cool. Some really early influences for me include bands like; Sum 41, Green Day & even a bit of Good Charlotte and Simple Plan. More modern stuff like Crucial Dudes & Set Your Goals are also big influences on our sound I think.

AMBY: Early on in your career you guys offered to play house parties. If you were to play at your dream house party who would you want to be there?

ROAM: Yeah, we’d still love to play house parties as only one person took us up on that! Basically the cast of the film “This is The End”, dudes like Jonah Hill, James Franco and Seth Rogen. Funny guys like Trey Parker (South Park) and Seth Mcfarlane. Oh and some girls, girls are good too!

AMBY: How would you describe each other in 2 words?

ROAM: Costello – Little Rat, Sam – Grumpy dude, Matt – Absolute sloth, Charlie – Loves scaffolding, Me – So perfect

AMBY: What music have you been listening to recently?

ROAM: We’ve been really into the guys in Seaway, they put out a solid full length called “Hoser” which is sick. Knuckle Puck are great too!

AMBY: Finally, what is something that nobody knows about ROAM?

ROAM: We do our rehearsals in a pallet warehouse? I guess that’s something hahaha.


Thank you ROAM, for giving us your answers!

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