Getting Cozy With… Newsmen!

NewsmenNewsmen are questioned by their lyricist [Sean Fitzpatrick] on behalf of A Music Blog, Yea?!

S: First off, where and who are you?

Andrew [Fitzpatrick, Singer/Pianist]: We’re a rock band from Toronto. We are you, me, and our good friends Matt [Frewen] and Justin [Justin]. They respectively play drums and basses.

S: Do you have any musics for sale?

A: We do! We have a single coming out November 12, which can be sampled at our website,

M: We produced this one all by ourselves, so we’re really proud of it.

S: Yea, me too. I was there. Do you guys play live lots? Have you played with any cool bands?

A: Yea we play live, and we’ve played with a lot of talented Toronto acts. Actually, we’re throwing a release party on November 15 at The Central in Toronto. And we’ll be handing out cassingles to people who pay at the door.

S: Cassingles? Are you from the past?

J: Well, we do share a Walkman. As an added bonus, the tape can be used as dental floss.

S: You guys are generous giving them away. Is this to pre-empt thieves?

J: Precisely. You beat them at their own game by giving it to them willingly.

S: I do the same thing with my wallet. Also, what sounds like you guys?


M: Why do we always start chanting whenever we’re asked that question? We have to practice music, not chanting.

S: Thank you for asking my questions. You are all polite.

Newsmen will release their single, ‘Grand Tracadie b/w Covehead’ for free download on November 12th. Download it from their site They will be holding a release party at The Central (603 Markham St.) in Toronto on November 15th.


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