You’ve GOT to Hear This: Lovers Turn to Monsters – “Skeletor”

Lovers Turn to MonstersThe man behind Lovers Turn to Monsters is Kyle Wood and I am very glad to have stumbled upon him and his song “Skeletor”.

“Skeletor”? Not ‘Skeleton’?

Let me explain this to you. Kyle loves cultural references and “Skeletor” is the name of He-mans arch nemesis.

It is a song “about being self-deprecating and realising that even having a person in your life who loves you for who you are doesn’t stop those negative feelings but when you look back at memories with said person you realise those negative feelings aren’t there when they’re around…”.

Sounds fascinating already? It is, it really is. A wonderful song sung with an amazing voice and paired with slow and calm guitar sounds and that’s not even all. Kyle has released an impressive amount of great songs and albums and still is happy with only playing at local gigs in Scotland. Nevertheless, his aims for the upcoming year are to start spreading a bit further and release even more songs and I can’t wait for that.

Whenever you come across one of Kyle’s works you will feel that they are done with a lot of honest passion and love, he will enchant you with his acoustic emo indie pop so that’s another reason why you should listen to his songs.

Lovers Turn to Monsters always enjoys and appreciates the help of others and here’s my appeal to you:

Listen to his songs please and support him, it would be a shame if you’d miss any more of this awesome talent.

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Katrin Kugler | @Kat_Kugler

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