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EstrangedHey AMBY readers,

We’re three guys playing together in a band called Estranged based in Stockholm, Sweden. What started just over two years ago, with bad covers of good songs in the garage at night, quickly grew into a passion for us and since then we’ve been playing, writing and gigging together day in and day out.

When we write music we never focus in on a single genre, but instead we try just to write what we feel is good music. This might have a negative effect on the chance of a ”wide fanbase”, since we might range a bit from metal to blues. But we see music as – good music, is always good music. Now ”good music” is a loose term that everybody interprets themselves, so it might be a vauge description. But hopefully people will understand what we’re on about. As for inspiration, it varies from a long range of artists, with everything from Led zeppelin to Guns n Roses to Avenged sevenfold. As well as blues artists like Eric Clapton, BB King. And of course not to forget the kings of rock – Ac/Dc of course. Now as you attentive readers might have seen, or fans from before, we have had a rhythm guitarist and a drummer. Though somehow we’ve lost them, a fuckin’ goblin or something probably came and took them away. Evil little shit that goblin. Hopefully he will send us back a drummer in due time.

Now as for the releases. We have recorded two demos in this moment. ”Arcane Olivia” and ”Indecisive”. They are both written by us three and self produced. The first demo we ever recorded with our gear we bought was Indecisive, as a sort of test run to see how the recording would sound. It was one of the very first songs we ever wrote together a while back. The second demo is called Arcane Olivia, and even though its not professionally produced or recorded, we love the gritty sound. Its one of those songs that we just jammed together in a blink of an eye, sort of like – ”when it fits it fits” feel.

As for recordlable. We’re currently unsigned, and just have as or main goal to try to spread our demos as far as possible, to be able to go on a self funded tour next summer on festivals and pub-venues that wants us. The only thing we really want to do, and what we’re aiming for, is to load up the truck and just play live next summer, and hopefully not come back home.

And yes, we are keen to of course keep recording, since we have a lot of material, but to do that we must wait patiently for that goblin to return us that drummer.

Cheers from Estranged.


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Alicia Atout | @AliciaAtout

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