You’ve GOT to See This: The Supersonic Jets – “Feel Alive”

The Supersonic Jets

There must be something in the water off Hull. A few weeks after we featured The Tennents the city saw off the competition (including my hometown Dundee) to become the UK’s City of Culture 2017. And now we have The Supersonic Jets from nearby Beverley release their first track Feel Alive from their forthcoming EP released by way of a part lyric YouTube video.

I couldn’t find an audio links on SoundCloud or Amazing Tunes yet, but the video showcases the song well enough on its own terms (and also shows that you don’t have to break the bank to tap into the youtube audience with visual content for any tracks). And they’ve produced a great debut track around a psychedelic vocal from singer/guitarist James Dyble and catchy chorus that’s in keeping with some of their musical influences (Beatles, Arctics, etc) without slavishly copying them.

It will be interesting how The Supersonic Jets develop and grow as we get towards that 2017 date. But with a strong debut, they are worth keeping track of.

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Gavin Watson | @watsongc

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