You’ve GOT to Hear This: New Lake – “Migrate”

New LakeHailing from Cheltenham, New Lake have delivered a strong debut 4 track EP of which the stand out track for me is the last Migrate. Recorded as a trio, the band have now become a four piece with the addition of additional guitarist Josh Bingham.

Sean Walker stands as a good vocalist in his own right – for a different side check out his cover of Strange by Patsy Cline – but is most energetic driven on by the rhythm section of his own band. And Daniel Lowen-Grey on bass and Dane Nash provide a terrific Foals-esque breakdown in the second half of the track as it builds to its euphoric conclusion.

Their sound is bigger than your average trio and the addition of Josh should provide a terrific live  audio experience as well as injecting new musical input. So lend them your ears this holiday season and if you wan’t to save a cheeky present for yourself, try and get to one of their live shows.

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