You’ve GOT to Hear This: Plum – “Betsy Thunder”

Plum | Betsy ThunderElectronica and emotion aren’t typically two attributes that go together easily in music. Yet somehow award-winning Edinburgh songstress Plum (Shona Maguire) has managed to capture both thought and emotion-evoking songs in her latest electronic EP Betsy Thunder. The multi-talented songwriter and producer created the 6-track EP based on the life of Betsy Thunder, a Native American tribal chief. The EP follows Plum’s well deserved win of “Best Electronic Act” at the Scottish Alternative Music Awards in March this year.

I was blown away by the EP’s heavy use of electro-pop synths, eerie yet sexy vocals, and powerful lyrics. Throughout the EP you’ll love the little details; how Shona takes the time to enunciate each work between delicate breaths, the use of atmospheric electronic noise, and her vocal gymnastics.

The stand-out track would have to be Only Human, the EP’s fifth song. The track even holds my favourite lyric off the EP, “I’m only human, holding on by a thread.” Beautiful, right?

In the end, it comes down to this: if you want a new EP that will instantly surprise you, you’ve got to hear this.

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Alicia Atout | @AliciaAtout

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