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Zoo ZeroHello A Music Blog, Yea? and all you lovely Canadians!

We are Zoo Zero, an English four-piece who play high-energy avant-rock.

If our music was a place, it would be an island in the middle of the North Atlantic where loud, experimental American birds mate with nocturnal, psychedelic British fish. The bird-fish these strange unions spawn are both beautiful and grotesque, and their evening song is the sound of Zoo Zero. For those that are allergic to metaphor: we make melodic, noisy and off-kilter rock.

We’re fiercely independent, and keep full control over the music we make and release. In that spirit, we recently put out our debut album on our own label – it comes in the form of heavy white vinyl with a Pepper-tastic locked groove on the second side! Plus download code. You can find the LP over at or download on iTunes and Spotify.

There’s a lot of great music out there to discover, but it’s a shame that so much ‘alternative’ music that gets attention is made by careerist entertainers and funded by major labels. So hopefully our album release and mode of production is a reminder of how so-called ‘alternative’ music should be.

Below you can check out our very latest music video for the song Moon Communique – directed by Nicholas Hearst – and you can also stream the entire album! Enjoy!

Hopefully our paths will cross again some time, Canada! Thanks AMBY!



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