Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ Far-Out Fangtooth

Far-Out FangtoothIn a recent interview with Far-Out Fangtooth, we asked the quartet about their gloomy track Bow Your Head, the reaction to their second full-length LP Borrowed Time, inspirations, and more. The psychedelic goth-rock creators from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania indulged us with these answers:

AMBY: Hello Far-Out Fangtooth, what’s the band been up to lately?

Far-Out Fangtooth: Hi. We just got back from a small tour last month. Playing a show with UK band TOY(on their first US tour) after the new year, and then are preparing for the rest of next year. We have plans to record again before we leave for the West Coast. Were gonna do a week on the west coast and play some shows at SXSW. 14 is looking to be a busy year already.

AMBY: Which three songs are the quintessential Far-Out Fangtooth?

Far-Out Fangtooth: 3? We’ll if you’re in a horrible mood and want to be immediately depressed then listen to  Hey Not With Him Now – Stretch/Lips – Thorns

AMBY: What’s the reaction been like to your sophomore record Borrowed Time?

Far-Out Fangtooth: People have been shitting their pants. We’ve been receiving really positive reviews of the record, feedback has been great. Overall the record has been a huge leap forward for us.

AMBY: What is the significance behind the album’s title?

Far-Out Fangtooth: Tania actually came up with it. She had a lucid daydream, walking home from work that said “You are living on Borrowed Time”. Prior to that happening the record was untitled— so we decided to call it “Borrowed Time”.

AMBY: Does hailing from Philadelphia have an influence on your sound? If so, how?

Far-Out Fangtooth: Being from Philadelphia definitely has a huge influence on our sound. This place is a soul sucker for sure, but that’s part of the beauty in it. Philly can match it’s rough edges in it’s honest charm.

AMBY: Your dark psychedelia is extremely trance-like. Who inspires your sound?

Far-Out Fangtooth: Who or what? – We wanted to play simply and effectively. To start writing a song, we start within the construct we’ve created the group. That character is wandering, searching and morbid. We take the simple and fuck it up enough until it bent in the right crooked way. That is part of the strategy.

AMBY: What’s the story behind Bow Your Head?

Far-Out Fangtooth: It’s a plea for wealth distribution, to a vision of eternal gluttony and excess. it’s about the passing of power.

AMBY: What’s the ultimate psychedelic song?

Far-Out Fangtooth: Psychic TV – “UNCLEAN”

AMBY: What are the top five things to do on your bucket list?

Far-Out Fangtooth: Tour Europe, Record in the desert, Put out a record with Anton Newcombe, record the next album, record the next album after that

AMBY: What’s the best release of the year?

Far-Out Fangtooth: LP: Destruction Unit “VOID”, 7″: LODRO “If Life Was Like A Movie”

AMBY: And lastly, what’s something about Far-Out Fangtooth that nobody knows yet?

Far-Out Fangtooth: In 2014 we are going to Europe and will play in Canada for the first time.


Thank you Far-Out Fangtooth, for giving us your answers!

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