Concert Review // Mutual Benefit @ The Drake

Mutual Benefit
Photo by Whitney Lee

On January 15th atmospheric, orchestral music filled the Drake Underground. In the six member Mutual Benefit’s “first sold out show,” there came the kind of indie music that arises from bands who are exceptionally comfortable together, with a respectable sort of confidence that comes from knowing exactly what you’re doing.

I assume the songs from the album meld together with the sort of thoughtfulness put into some of the greatest records by Neil Young, for example, where each song carefully leads into the next in a seamless, flowing narrative of music.

The band is Broken Social Scene-esque, but the reason BSS was so popular was because nothing like it had existed before, and the world needed something like it. Not to say the world doesn’t need Mutual Benefit, another take on the indie genre.

If Mutual Benefit is like Broken Social Scene, The Shins, many other indie bands, what makes them different? To set them apart from the crowd? The band is disarming, not appearing to be a solid collective at first glance on stage, their stage presence is a bit misleading. However, their capability to bring out a sound large enough to fill a stadium or music hall, and their fearlessness of long, arching orchestral breaks, and their fondness for wind chime sounds make their take on indie independent.

Emily Fox | @foxyfoxe

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