You’ve GOT to Hear This: Horror My Friend – “Nothing”

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Horror My FriendIf throwing your limbs around in a mosh is your style, then it’s your lucky day. Adelaide trio Tom Gordon, Al Christophel, and Josh Battersby from Horror My Friend have just released their brand spanking new track ‘Nothing’ which is equally as tasty in the ears as previous releases.

They waste no time easing you into this bad boy. In fact it’s more like they punch you in the face with it, and then continue to. A three minute and one second bundle of ear blessing musical punches to the face.

Continuing with their grungy indie punk rock, I think there is plenty more to come from these guys and well worth keeping an eye on. With an Australian east coast tour just around the corner, be sure to have a mosey if your in that neck of the woods/globe.

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Courtney Duka | @CourtneyMayDuka

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