Concert Review + Photos: Remembering August @ Four Bars at Dempseys

Remembering AugustJanuary is traditionally the time where you discover new music, so what better than to hear it in a live environment. On record Remembering August, Jessie Hallet and Luke Searle’s voices are a perfect combination like Salt and Pepper on you favourite French Fries. It’s intriguing and in rich in texture backed up with various instruments that add depth and soul to their Acoustic-Folk. So naturally when you hear something on record, you need to experience it live where it truly takes on form of its own.

It’s a cold, damp and miserable night outside in the Welsh capital and tucked away is a cosy and striped venue, where back in 2010 two unknowns by the name of Two Door Cinema Club and The Vaccines toured together before going on to conquer the UK indie scene. So this is the perfect place for breakthrough talent to appear. After some great raw talent in the support acts, it was Remembering August who gracefully took to the stage with a backing band which took their rich textured and soul ripped up the rule book and re-wrote it even more strikingly. Adding the breadth of Dave Bassey and Thom Pike on guitar/drums respectively really brings to life their record.

Opening track Fires starts proceedings with an absolute bang, with the bands trademark vocal harmonies telling the tale of a couple who have just split up, they tell it with intensity and gives the perfect line of, “We can start fires in this room tonight!” which subsets the tone for the rest of the set. Jessie on stage is like a young Stevie Nicks as her vocal range goes through the paces effortlessly whilst Luke drawing his Bruce Springsteen influences keeps an Americana coolness running throughout. Throughout the set the duo look into each other’s eyes with the same chemistry that their music encompasses. The set is drawn to a close with a lick of Fleetwood Mac as they play Stay to a rapturous audience who are gutted that it’s finished, so they finish off what they set to do and completely set the room on fire close to setting off the fire alarm.

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Review by Richard Samuel (@rich_dbno) | Photos by Tiegan Neary (@Tiegansphotos)

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