Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ Paul Orwell

Paul Orwell
SoundCloud, Twitter, and Facebook are a wonderful platform for new and unsigned artists. With these in mind this artist found me via Twitter, I in turn found his musical talent through SoundCloud and was instantly blown away by Paul Orwell’s sixties sounding vibe. After a bit of investigating I discovered this very talented musician not only writes, plays all the instruments, record’s and mixes all his own material but is one of the most down to earth people you could ever meet, also he is an avid vinyl collector who’s record collection would be the envy of some of the greatest record labels. I caught up with Paul online for this interview.

AMBY: Thanks for taking time out to be interviewed for AMBY, Paul. Who are you musical influences?

Paul Orwell: I don’t really listen to much past 1972..not that saying everything is crap past then! It’s just the stuff i grew up on..and it’s great fun finding a vintage unloved hit you have never heard before… lots still to find! Obscure B sides etc..  Love The Beatles, Animals, Kinks, Jacques Dutronc, Stones, and music produced by Joe Meek & Phil Spector.. the list is really endless!

AMBY: You have some amazing songs on your SoundCloud page that echo back to the 60’s, you write and produce all your own material  how do you produce the sound that is so reminiscent of that era?

Paul Orwell: Thank you… it does take me weeks sometimes, I keep going backwards & forwards never happy, but sometimes you have to say “enough’s – enough” …& let your babies fly and do the rounds!..Live a little, Die a Little. I do like the idea of songs sounding like they are from the same artist/record. So I have to be strict..stick to template, not get to carried away with putting lots of instruments on top… it’s hard for me not to get carried away!

AMBY: You have recently announced that you now have a backing band called The Night Falls, can you tell us about them and how you decided on recruiting them?

Paul Orwell: It wasn’t easy finding young talented musicians with the same mind set, but i was lucky enough to find cool musicians who wanted to work with me. The first rehearsal was like we had been jamming together for 10 years…. it’s all coming together better than I ever imagined!

AMBY: You have been very generous with giving away free downloads with your EP “Like I Did Before” do you plan on releasing the EP on vinyl and do you plan on releasing more of your music for free?

Paul Orwell: I have lots of material recorded including an album, my main plan is to find a cool label to release through, vinyl would be the dream!  Might release more free stuff, watch this space!

AMBY: What do you have planned for 2014 and where can we see you live?

Paul Orwell: Music videos, lots of gigs starting from March, and to get myself a record deal.

AMBY: And finally with all your musical influences do you class yourself as a Mod?

Paul Orwell: Well, when I first started recording these songs, Mod didn’t cross my mind if I’m honest! Mods..well the 60’s Mods have all the same music & fashion interests as me! It flatters me that they love my music, because they have great taste. I LOVE 60’s Mod music..i don’t think i have ever heard a track I didn’t like! I could try and win fans by saying..I’m a MOD.. I’m MOD forever!….like some bands. But I’m not like that!… I’m just doing what’s natural for me.. I just class myself as someone who wants to be heard firstly as a songwriter & musician & lastly as someone who is doing the music what he loves to do.…I’m not going out of my way to be loved, but it’s so great I’m getting support from genuine music lovers! It’s a hard scene to get into being unsigned and working class as many musicians know only too well. I’m just doing my own thing to stand out from a very crowded crowd. Doing what I wanna do, not what I’ve gotta do.


Thank you Paul Orwell, for giving us your answers!

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