Exclusive Video: “Hounds Before Lions” Play AMBY A Song

Hounds Before Lions

Ever since opening an email submission from Hounds Before Lions back in July, I’ve been waiting for some new material to come my way. Luckily I didn’t have to wait all that long, for the Eau Claire, Wisconsin trio released their debut self-titled LP on November 8th.

My first take on the band back in July was honest indie-folk pop with a fifties twist. The LP takes a slightly different direction as Hounds Before Lions added in their dreamy take on bedroom pop into the mix. However, the debut still holds their loving and consoling lyrics. Listen to the lyricism in the album’s opener State Of Foreign Affairs, and your heart is guaranteed to melt a little.

“I don’t care if your voice is out of tune, I only care that it comes from you.”

Andrew Bocher (keyboards, percussion, harmonies), Sam Clark (vocals, guitar, bass guitar), and Rick Haneman (drums, percussion) have made sure that there’s a little bit of something sprinkled throughout Hounds of Lions for everybody. That’s why we’re excited to share this exclusive version of Chicago, A Long Time Ago on AMBY with our readers.

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