Getting Cozy With: TITANICS

TITANICSTrekking through the blizzard – you approach a large dimly lit stone building. Enter the tall golden doors and realize to your delight: “Ah, a firelit cocktail party!”

(Drinks, Dresses, Desserts, and Dazzling Expression)

An echoey chamber of a place, slightly queer – but comfortably warm with candles casting tall shadows on all walls. You order a heavily whiskey’d coffee and lean your shoulder on the porcelain bar to observe. The people laugh loudly enjoying their hors d’oeuvres as the snow builds itself on the windowsill and outer balconies extending over the dense woods. Suddenly, the party turns to face a long glass table in the middle of the stone room. Gleaming on the table sits an assortment of diamonds and hourglasses.

“The most beautiful of all human creations the hourglass is!” exclaims the man behind the table. “She physicalizes time with nothing but sand and a slight hiss!”

The diamonds gleam as the hourglasses sprinkle sand through their narrow chambers. Faintly echoing up the stairs behind the table you hear two young gentlemen laughing along with a layered and lavish musical sound that begins to consume the room. The sound grows louder and louder until it sneaks into the back of your neck and warms your hands and feet. The crowd, all feeling the sensation, stops and gaze at each other.

“Tonight,” the man smiles at the crowd, “we are in for a special treat. The sounds you hear are from my favorite ensemble preparing their performance in the downstairs corridor.

The hourglasses hiss to a stop.

..:: TITANICS ::..


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