You’ve GOT to See This: High Hazels – “Hearts Are Breaking”

High HazelsThe video for High Hazels’ debut single “Hearts Are Breaking” cleverly intersperses live footage of the band with a home video of a Howes family party from 1985 to entertaining effect. The band are already busy working on their follow up single but the video is worth a repeated watch.

Four school friends from Sheffield, High Hazels are James Leesley on vocals and guitar, Anthony Barlow on drums, Paul Barlow on bass, and Scott Howes on guitar (whose family in the eighties have starring roles in the video).

Despite its title, “Hearts Are Breaking” is nevertheless an upbeat number and great introduction to the band. I’ve been kicking myself for not getting to see the band live at The Monarch in Camden last November but hopefully I can remedy that soon enough. In the meantime, I’ll just hit play one more time.

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