Five Favourite Fab Gigs: La Shark

La Shark
La Shark
– a band loved for their irresistible funk, quirky vocal gymnastics, and pounding baselines – are a London quintet who are no strangers to A Music Blog, Yea?.  As obscure as their music may be, the band have carved out a unique sound for themselves; a sound both whimsical and alluring. Recently, La Shark’s Benjamin Francis Markham spoke with AMBY about his all-time favourite concerts! See if you attended one of them by reading the piece below:


As an onset to this, the gigs I remember with the most fondness are usually related to the standard of the free food… And the riders are RUBBISH in the UK.

Feb 11 + 12 2011 @ Oi Futuro , Ipanema Rio De Janerio

We spent a month or so in Brazil supporting (and playing with) Cibelle. We did 2 nights at this little theatre close to the beach in Ipanema. The whole show was more like one massive piece of theatre, La Shark molding into Cibelle. The highlight was Sami crawling out on stage, stoned out of his mind, thinking he was a cat for the encore.

Sep 8 – 2010 @ Isole che Parlano – Sardinia

Playing this wonderful boutique festival in Sardinia all felt like a surreal dream. As soon as we got off the plane we were taken to a private concert at a Beach where a Double Bass player was improvising with the Sea… Later we played open air on a Piaza in Palau, the town had around 400 inhabitants and most of them came down to see us play, they gave us such a warm welcome, we made some great friends, swam in the sea and drank this amazing liquor that’s made out of berries that only grow on the island.

May 2 – 2011 @ Stans – Switzerland

We played a festival up a mountain near Stans, Switzerland. I think the altitude meant that we got smashed pretty quickly, I ended up playing bongos on stage for the first and last time… Then we somehow ended up staying in this amazing 5* hotel near Lucerne called the Burgenstock Resort again on top of a mountain, it was this place that loads of celebrities went and hid out in during the war. Great caviar. It was carnage.

Sep 6th – 2013 @ Bestival, Isle of White

Playing Bestival was hilarious last year. It was pissing it down with rain, half the stage was soaked, we got there really early and went into the woods to play Table Tennis for 3 hours whilst going to Rum island (drink a whole bottle of rum and your on rum island) We drove back to London and I had to go to a wedding the next morning in Essex, I smelt terrible.

Mar 9th – 2012 @ El PLaza Condensa, Mexico City

We were on tour with The Maccabees around the UK for the 2nd time for a few weeks in Feb/Mar 2012 and we got offered this gig in Mexico City. So we were given the choice of playing in Liverpool and Brighton or flying to Mexico and back to play a gig during the tour… I ate fried grasshoppers, drank a lot of Tequila and played a great sounding venue in Mexico City. The Venue was brand new when we played it, we were one of the first English bands there, the whole Venue vibrated with such intensity and is beautifully designed, although weirdly sponsored by Coca Cola. The next day we were taken to some Mayan Pyramids, it was 2012 so we made too made apocalypse references till it wasn’t funny anymore.


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