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Simian Ghost
With a brand-new record in the making, A Music Blog, Yea? spoke with Stockholm trio Simian Ghost to learn more about what to expect from the band in 2014. We asked them about light-hearted videos, what to expect from their forthcoming record, Sweden, and how they’re totally awesome. They kindly indulged us with these answers:

AMBY: Hello Simian Ghost, thanks for speaking with us today. What’s the band recently been up to?

Simian Ghost: Hi! You’re very welcome, thanks for having us! We’ve been working on our upcoming releases and gigs mostly.

AMBY: How would you classify your sound to your listeners?

Simian Ghost: Pop music I guess, but interesting nevertheless.

AMBY: What’s the story behind your new single Echoes Of Songs?

Simian Ghost: Broadcast is one of our favorite bands and ever since we heard that Trish Keenan had tragically passed away, we wanted to make some kind of tribute to her. During the sessions for The Veil this old song idea came up which reminded us of Broadcast, so I wrote a lyric in a way that is both a humble homage to her style of writing and to their music. The song is also about recognizing that every good idea you have is built on good ideas others have had before you. And it is about our relationships to those no longer with us.

AMBY: I’m enjoying the light-hearted video for your song A Million Shining Colours. What was the best moment you had while filming it?

Simian Ghost: Thank you! I think the best moment was off camera, when we had this amazing breakfast at a hotel right on the beach in Tamariu. They had the best scrambled eggs I’ve ever tasted. There was some great parmesan or something in there. This sounds awfully bourgeois. Bourgeois is a really bourgeois word. It was nice, sometimes you need to treat yourself. Also, eggs are amazingly nutritious.

AMBY: Your latest album, Youth, was released in 2012, and you recently announced a new record is in the making! What can fans expect to hear from the record?

Simian Ghost: This album is a bit longer and more varied thematically. We’ve continued working with the album format in focus, trying to make something that is diverse and dynamic, but still feels as a unified whole so to speak. We also tried to expand our songwriting. Youth was made during a couple of summer months, we took breaks to go swimming and ran around in shorts. With this album we put in more time, we more or less isolated ourselves in the basement where we rehearse, really getting into it.

AMBY: Does hailing from Sweden have an influence on your sound? And if so, how?

Simian Ghost: I don’t know, that’s hard to say. Pretty much all the music in the world is within our reach these days, with the Internet and all. You take what you like and make it your own, the idea of a region based sound is not so apparent anymore, at least not in modern music. I think it happens on a much smaller scale, that groups of people within the limits of a social circle, or a city, develops some kind of sound that they share.

AMBY: Which other artists from Sweden should we keep our eyes on?

Simian Ghost: Well, we come from a group of people like the ones I just described. We were part of a great collective of creative friends in Sandviken, where we grew up, and out of this came a lot of interesting music and art projects. You should check out Yast and No Coda for example.

AMBY: You are allowed to say one sentence, which will reach the whole world. What would you say?

Simian Ghost: Don’t believe completely in any idea or thought-construct.

AMBY: How would you describe each member of the band in one word?

Simian Ghost: Sebastian – neurotic, Erik – responsible, Mathias – gentleman.

AMBY: What’s the best release of 2013?

Simian Ghost: Jon Hopkins – Immunity

AMBY: And lastly, what’s something about Simian Ghost that nobody knows yet?

Simian Ghost: We’re probably the most promising pop band in the world. We’re totally awesome.


Thank you Simian Ghost, for giving us your answers!

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