Concert Review: TOY @ Nouveau Casino

TOY chose a small Parisian club to kick off their European tour. Warmed up by the great Charlie Boyer & The Voyeurs, the band makes a discreet arrival on stage. Despite the thick smoke and soft lights, you can’t really miss them though. Guitars start roaring, drums are threatening, temperature is climbing: opener Conductor, first track off Join The Dots, sets the tone of the night.

The band quickly moves on to Colours Running Out and has to deal with sound problems; fortunately, nothing seems able to wear down their determination to blow our minds. Surprisingly enough, the crowd shows a very English mood as well – understand more talkative, dancing, and reactive than the usual Parisian lot.

Written only one year after, Join The Dots reveals the same spirit and pressing energy as the previous, eponymous album. Thus, songs can be perfectly mixed on stage and create a very strong, coherent setlist. After Too Far Gone To Know, the beautiful Dead And Gone and Endlessly, Kopter transcends the crowd with epic and powerful build-up that turns everything upside down.

With Left Myself Behind, their very first single released in 2011, TOY takes the time to let the music infiltrate and elevate every single person in the room. Playing with rhythms, Fall Out Of Love is another rare, precious moment. Time flies, Tom chooses his words carefully and lets the music talk instead. The great Motoring follows and Join the Dots, thanks to its deep bass lines and unbridled guitar solos, concludes the night magnificently.

I just had time to realize what happened that the band had already left the stage, without coming back for an encore. I must say this was refreshing and made me appreciate even more what appeared to be a fugitive and intense gig. The stage was dark, but the music was luminous.

Cécile Vacuum-Cloud | @Ceciliness

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