You’ve GOT to Hear This: Mighty Oaks – “Back to You”

Mighty Oaks
Do you know that moment when you shuffle all your songs on your iPod or phone and the first song that comes up is a track you think you’ve never heard before? Well, that happened to me not long ago.

When I first heard the unfamiliar tune, I checked to see the title and artist: it was “Back To You” by Mighty Oaks and I really haven’t heard that song before and honestly can’t remember purchasing it (I assume the song once was the “single of the week” on iTunes).

Thing is, I would have been an idiot not downloading it and I’m so glad it appeared in my playlist.

After some research I found out that Mighty Oaks is a three piece band with every member coming from a different country but currently they’re all living in Berlin, Germany. They have been making music since 2010 and already supported bands like Chvrches and Kings of Leon.

Their song “Back To You”, however, impresses with its brilliant lyrics as well as its happy instrumentals.

All in all, I have to say that I’m very glad about this “unknown purchase”; Mighty Oaks is a very talented band to watch and you’ve got to hear their song “Back To You”.

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Katrin Kugler | @Kat_Kugler

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