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The Faint
On February 25th, Omaha foursome The Faint dropped news every fan of theirs was waiting to hear; the band were going to release a brand-new album. Their first record in six years, Doom Abuse is scheduled for release on April 8th via SQE Music (available for pre-order here). Always bringing an eclectic mix of nuances to the table by infusing electro-influenced punk and rock to their music, I’m sure we’re not the only ones ecstatic for the forthcoming album. Ahead of Doom Abuse‘s release, I had the pleasure of catching up with The Faint’s frontman Todd Fink to discuss album artwork, Doom Abuse influences, touring, and flying legs. Here’s what he had to say:

AMBY: There’s a lot of exciting stuff coming up for the band; you have the upcoming release of Doom Abuse, a US tour, and you’re slowly sprinkling songs from the album for fans to hear. Being your first record in six years, how’s it feel to finally release some new music into the world?

The Faint: It’s feels like it’s been way too long for us since we got away from it for a while; we took a hiatus after the last record. Last year, I ended up moving back to town and we were just hanging around thinking, “why don’t we play music anymore?” [laughs]. We got back together for the fun of it and changed some things that weren’t fun about it before, and got really excited about making music.

AMBY: We’re glad to have you guys back! While recording the album, what were some of the best moments you had?

The Faint: Being in the room at the point where we kind of know what the song is like but we haven’t really heard it before… To kind of have some stuff we’re working on and to make a plan of attack… The moment – the first time through a song where nobody really knows what each other are doing, but it all kind of comes together naturally. That happened a few times on this record and that was my favourite point.

AMBY: I mentioned how you’re slowly sprinkling songs off the album on your medias. You recently posted a new one titled Salt My Doom. What’s the story behind the new track?

The Faint: That’s the one I was thinking of in the last question.

AMBY: Oh, nice little coincidence there.

The Faint: It’s kind of a bombastic song. There’s not a specific story; that song is about… I don’t want to give too much away. But when people wish you bad luck… That’s our response [laughs].

AMBY: [laughs] Alright, that works. I love the song’s energy which the loud guitars and wailing synths – it’s very punkish and new wave sounding which I love. This brings me to asking, what were your influences songwriting-wise on the new record?

The Faint: I just joined another band called Digital Leather which is like a synth-punk band. I’m not too sure about these genre titles [laughs].

AMBY: [laughs]

The Faint: But, you know, it’s a punk band that uses mostly synthesizers and rock instruments. I joined that band because I’m a fan of it, and that kind of felt right for me at the time. I think the rest of the band, The Faint, decided to get back together and play energetic music, and it just kind of congealed and made sense.

AMBY: As far as the cover for the album goes, there’s a living room and then these woman’s legs coming out of nowhere. What exactly is the deal with these legs? I’ve seen them hopping through the Olympic rings, through hearts, and with Dennis Rodman [laughs].

The Faint: Oh [laughs], I guess it’s kind of a comment on our pop culture and news and over-doing everything. It’s over-sexualizing and over-doing and mixing it all together into this sort of nonsense that is today’s culture. Really, it’s just a collage. I make collages.

AMBY: I’ve noticed that on other covers before.

The Faint: We usually make our artwork out of some bits of collage I’ve made or something like that. I make hundreds of them and I think the band chose that just as a juxtaposition. I think it’s sort of a tongue-and-cheek definition. Nothing to be taken too seriously!

AMBY: I originally saw it on the album cover when the record was initially announced on Facebook, but then those random photos of the legs with culture icons made no sense to me. Now it does [laughs].

The Faint: Yea, it was kind of where we were about to announce a record that came about so quickly that we hadn’t even mentioned that we were making it or anything. I think we thought to put the legs on topical news items for a couple of days before it came out. We thought “it would work and be perfect”.

AMBY: Moving onto the less serious questions, this album takes you on a tour of the States. What are you most looking forward to regarding that?

The Faint: I don’t know, we’re just keen to go back out and play. We don’t really have favourite places in the states exactly, I mean every place is pretty good these days for us. I’d like to get out of the states at some point, actually! But we’re mostly looking forward to doing the tour and getting the production all set up. We’re also looking at a bunch of video ideas and techniques.

AMBY: Awesome.

The Faint: I’m just excited to get back out.

AMBY: Well, now we’re at the last question of the interview which is… What’s something about the band that nobody knows yet?

The Faint: I don’t know who knows what, but we used to do a lot of skateboarding.


Thank you The Faint, for giving us your answers!

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