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Before playing The Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto tonight, A Music Blog, Yea? got acquainted with New Albany, Indiana quartet Houndmouth. Having released their debut album From the Hills Below the City in June of last year, we spoke with the band’s Matt Myers and Katie Toupin to discuss what’s next on the recording front, their North American tour, playing Toronto tonight, and video games.

AMBY: Hey Houndmouth, welcome to AMBY! Please introduce yourselves to our readers.

MM: Houndmouth, readers. Readers, Houndmouth.

AMBY: How would you describe each member of the band in one word?

MM: Katie-Veggy. Zak-S’cute. Matt-omnivore. Shane-meat.

AMBY: Currently on your North American tour, what have been some of the highlights so far?

KT: We had a day off in Portland, Maine – which turned out to be an incredibly cool town with loads of thrift stores and good seafood. The shows in NYC were sold out and rowdy – really good time.We also found two used condoms in a hotel room in Providence, RI and so we got our rooms for free.

MM: Brooklyn. The music hall of Williamsburg was quite a fun show, and we had days off to explore New York. It’s intimidating the first few times, but we’ve managed to meet people and get some footing by now. Took a chess lesson at the amazing Marshall Chess Club with Grand Master Michael Rohde, which reinforced the fact that we hardly know anything about the game.

AMBY: Which cities do you look forward to playing the most on this tour?

MM: I’m not just saying this for the interviews’ sake, but Toronto is a tremendous city. It’s got the perks of big cities without the stress. Everyone seems chilled out and easy goin’. Portland, Maine is another new favorite because of the atmosphere and food. As far as crowds go, Providence, RI and Brooklyn have some deeply passionate music lovers.

KT: NYC. Toronoto. Newport, KY.

AMBY: What’s the craziest thing to happen to Houndmouth while on the road?

Houndmouth: Probably not the supreme of crazy, but this happened once:

KT: Our first time through NYC, our trailer fell off our van as we crossed the Brooklyn Bridge, and we dragged the trailer by the safety chains for half a block.

AMBY: You released your debut album From the Hills Below the City in June of last year, what’s next as far as recording goes?

KT: We were scheduled to record in April but it may be postponed a bit do to a scheduling conflict with the producer. Either way, the next record will probably be released sometime in 2015.

AMBY: If you had to spin only one record on repeat for the rest of your life, what would it be?

KT: Bob Dylan’s and the Band basement tapes

MM: Probably some kind of soothing sounds record…like river and forest noises or something.

AMBY: Who would your dream jam session be with?

KT: Blackberry and strawberry on an biscuit.

MM: I’d jam with Kool and the Gang because they seem like the archetype for jamming. Dammit, they look like they are having fun!

AMBY: What has you most excited for the rest of 2014?

KT: Festivals. Our hometown “Boomtown Ball” that we are curating. Newport Folk Fest. Sasquatch. Shakey Knees. Also playing Red Rocks with Iron and Wine and The Head and The Heart.

AMBY: Lastly, what’s something about Houndmouth that nobody knows yet?

KT: Matt and Shane play about 5 games of the video game NBA 2k14 in the van every day.

MM: We don’t know our blood type.


Thank you Houndmouth, for giving us your answers!

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