Concert Review: The Honeyrunners @ 3030 Dundas West

It’s not everyday I get to hang out backstage, so when I do I covet the status and remain there for the duration of the show. Hanging out backstage is a privilege that doesn’t happen very often, so when it does there’s an automatic inclusion that journalists, as outsiders, typically don’t feel, but when I get to spend time with a genuinely real group of guys, it makes the inclusion feel obvious, like there is no special treatment and anyone and everyone would be welcome on stage, backstage, and anywhere, so long as the energy was good. The Honeyrunner’s energy is as evident on stage as it was during their interview, and they’re right when they say that the crowd responds to energy. The music is rock, but there’s a level of soul, an attitude that permeates the music and physically affects the crowd, and one that can certainly be felt anywhere in the building.

The show itself was immediately magnetic. I would wander away for a second and be drawn back by the sometimes smooth and sexy, sometimes highly energetic guitar solos, and the always cool bass. There’s always a moment when you haven’t heard the music and your ears are fresh, where the band can either make a good impression or disappoint, and the fear seems more prominent when the group is actually pretty great off stage.

However, Honeyrunners did not disappoint, and were as genuine on stage performing as they were on a more personal level. Neither uptight nor full of themselves, Honeyrunner’s desire to remain close to their music and not play to pursue fame alone definitely reads into their performance. The ability of a band to not only play good music but play exceedingly well together means little if they themselves aren’t enjoying what they’re doing. Music is advertising, and a band must be conscious of themselves at all times when they’re in the eye of the public, and regardless of an audience of 5 or 850, they must perform their best. Honeyrunners is one such band.

As a relatively new band in the grand scheme of things, Honeyrunners is already graduating from smaller venues to larger ones, promoting their new third tour and their upcoming record (to be released this summer, possibly June). Describing themselves as “untamed,” due to their unlabeled status, you can catch them at Canadian Music Week on May 9th at the Horseshoe, performing with Head of the Herd and King Khan, which kind of sounds like the most amazing night ever. You should go.

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Emily Fox | @foxyfoxe

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