Concert Review: Bend Sinister, Pick Brothers Band, + Goodnight Sunrise @ The Horseshoe Tavern

Bend Sinister
Within the shimmering walls of The Horseshoe Tavern fractals of spectacular light caked the faces of the opening band, their rhythm section igniting. The night was under way. Goodnight Sunrise, revealed themselves through melodies and strong stage presence. Setting the tone for the night, the four piece slid into a heavy rock ballad, while popping their collar to their 80’s influenced lead lines. Their presence was perfectly balanced by many shrilling -and I mean shrilling, key-tar solos. Energetic three-part, harmonies did the perfect job drawing in the crowd. The powerful set came to an end with a near post-rock climax and the distribution of glow sticks.

Pick Brothers Band

The next group to hit the stage was The Pick Brothers Band. These dapper gentlemen kicked their set off with a titan sized wall of sound. A blend of hard strumming, heavy picking, and solid rhythm from the drums. Their mix of English folk/rock and an almost surfer flair created a stimulating sound. Through the cheering hearts of the young crowd, these three lads laid their groove and stayed there. Through the changing of instruments amongst members their flavor was further enhanced. Funky bass lines coupled with high octave lines reminiscent of Tom Morello kept the energy high and paved the way for the headlining act.

Bend Sinister

With the crowd yearning for more, Bend Sinister took the stage. Boasting whistling spirits and an intense demeanor they exploded into their set with full force. The native B.C-ers, started with some crowd favorites, highlighted each member’s talent with intricate time changes and raw, heart-driven verses. They eventually used their well-worn musical knowledge to showcase their enthusiasm for new songs. As a lover of live music, it’s always nice to see something fresh. It doesn’t have to be in the sense of prowess or dynamics, but this band had both down pat. Also striking was the allowance of band members to stand alone in their talent. Whether it was an intricate solo from the solid open-handed drummer, or a tasty lick from the keyboardist, to an incredible sweep from the guitar player, closely and intricately followed by the bass player: Note for note they accented one another on many occasions.

Through energetic time changes and the raw bellowing of vocal melodies, Bend Sinister brought the thunder. Watch out for these guys, and catch their incredible live performance anytime possible. Their brand new album “Animals”, is available to order through their website.

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Review by Stefhan Iwaskow (@sirsvenington) | Photos by Fiona Parks (@fionaparks)

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