Concert Review: Foster the People @ The Horseshoe Tavern

Foster the PeopleBig acts playing smaller venues does two things. One, it gives a lucrative opportunity for scalpers to make a killing! Second, and more importantly, generates the sort of buzz via social networks and conversations that is unmatched with any other press. Toronto was fortunate to be hosting indie-pop rockers Foster The People at the legendary Horseshoe Tavern.

Restricted to playing an acoustic set, due to smaller stage space, The Box Tiger played a short set of originals and a Liz Phair cover. Fronted by the slightly nervous Sonia Sturino, whose pipes have been compared to fellow redhead goddess Florence Welch, had the right blend of talent and crowd-appreciative banter to be endearing to those who were paying attention. The absence of loudness limited the hook-laden catchy indie-rock originals to be background music to the chatter. At least, they can add Foster The People to the list of big names that they have opened for.

Foster the People

“Canada has been really good to us”, admitted a sweaty and fierce Mark Foster.  That would be fair to say when the crowd reciprocates the intensity of the frontman in equal measures. The LA based trio, with backup musicians and female background vocals (twins?) were in town to play the hits and new stuff from the (very) recent release Supermodel. The album, noted for its ambitious assortment of eclectic sounds, have the critics worried about duplicating the success of Pumped Up Kicks. If Supermodel’s success was solely measured on crowd sing-alongs of new singles like Best Friend and Coming of Age, then the skeptics can exit the building. Feeding off the energy of the fans, Foster was in full rock’n roll mode covering both ends of the stage to spread the love. Although I did miss his awkward shoulder shrugs.

For all you unfortunate souls who couldn’t partake in this experience, fear not, Foster the People are back in town to fosterize you in May @ Massey Hall. You have two months to learn all the new songs.

For more photos of Foster the People in Toronto, click here.

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