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Bad // Dreems
Adelaide rock quartet Bad//Dreems is comprised of Ben Marwe (vocals and guitar), Alex Cameron (guitar), James Bartold (bass) and Miles Wilson (drums). In a recent interview, A Music Blog, Yea? caught up with the band’s Ben Marwe to discuss sleeping like shit, a ride cymbal to the face, artists from Adelaide, and what’s next on the recording front…

AMBY: Hey Bad//Dreems, what’s the band been up to lately?

Bad//Dreems: Hi there. We’ve been keeping busy playing shows, recording, writing some new music, and working our weekday jobs.
AMBY: How would you describe each member of Bad//Dreems in one word?

Bad//Dreems: Alex – Rainman, James – Bronytail, Miles – Storyteller, Ben – Naked

AMBY: Where did the name Bad//Dreems come from, and what other names had you considered for the band?

Bad//Dreems: People ask me this question all the time and every time the answer is different…so for you Bad//Dreems comes from a mixture of light sleepers, grating snoring sounds, a deviated septum, cigarettes, Champax, beer, no air-con, and Australian heat waves. Put all of those together and you sleep like shit.

AMBY: You have some festival dates lined up for March and April. What are you most looking forward to?

Bad//Dreems: Boogie Festival in April is going to be awesome. Some great bands we would all like to see are playing. And then we are doing a small tour with a band I’m not allowed to name yet.

AMBY: What’s the story behind your great track Hoping For?

Bad//Dreems: Hoping For was one of those songs that we jammed on and it took us about an hour to work out. We wanted to write a song that slapped you like a wet fish when the chorus hit, whilst maintaining its sincerity. The story, simply put, is about admitting you’ve fucked up, but at the same time being fucked over. Not necessarily by a girlfriend or boyfriend, but maybe by a place that makes you feel inadequate or unsettled, feeling like you have to change in order for everything else to change. It’s open to interpretation as all songs should be…

AMBY: As far as recording goes, what’s next?

Bad//Dreems: We have recorded two new tracks with a guy called Mark Opitz in Melbourne, and have a plan to record more in the coming months and release a single in April. We just need some time to write more songs. Those bastards don’t write themselves…unless you’re Katy Perry.

AMBY: What’s the funniest thing to happen to the band while at a show?

Bad//Dreems: One time Alex tripped over a lead and fell on his back…it was like watching a turtle in a David Attenborough doco try and flip back over in order to get back to sea. Another time I tried to be cool and stand on the kick drum…it ended with a ride cymbal to the face and weeks worth of regret.

AMBY: Which other artists from Adelaide should our readers keep their eyes on?

Bad//Dreems: > Jesse Davidson  – 17 year old dude with a voice that would make Mum cheat on Dad…or vice versa

> Archers – 5 dudes playing psychedelic stoner rock jams. Better than Anne Hathaway nude.

>Horror My Friend – 3 young whipper-snappers with a knack for solving the Monday blues.

>Tkay Maidza – dance music that makes me wanna do hula-hoops in the nude.

AMBY: Who would your dream jam session be with?

Bad//Dreems: Spinal Tap

AMBY: What has you most excited for 2014?

Bad//Dreems: Finding out whether Rolf Harris is guilty or not.

AMBY: Lastly, what’s something about Bad//Dreems that nobody knows yet?

Bad//Dreems: We’d all like to open a haberdashery store that the four of us would work in….We can call it Bad//Seams.


Thank you Bad//Dreems, for giving us your answers!

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