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In a recent interview, A Music Blog, Yea? spoke with Los Angeles based indie rockers NO to discuss their debut album El Prado, touring, Pawn Stars, and their thoughts on questionnaires. Tonight the band play with Toronto’s Lee’s Palace with The Darcys and Reuben & The Dark (tickets). So what are you waiting for? Read up, grab your tickets if you’ve yet to, and head down for an awesome night of music!

AMBY: Hello NO, how are you and what have you been up to lately?

Sean: Hi! We have been up to our necks in SXSW noise. Also, beers and long drives over short distances.

AMBY: How would you classify your sound to those unfamiliar with your music?

Sean: Someone once described us as a “song band”. I don’t think they meant it as a compliment…but we’ll take it.

AMBY: You released your debut album on February 18th. What’s the significance behind the album’s title El Prado?

Sean: Loosely translated it means ‘the park’, which was related to us by Mitchell,the owner of our local Echo Park haunt El Prado. When we came back around to feeling out a name for our record El Prado was something that stuck with us.

AMBY: What was one of the highlights you had during the recording experience?  

Bradley:  One of my personal highlights from making the record – was probably the first time I heard North Star back through the monitors after the vocals were done. Michael Guy Chislett and I were recording in a spare bedroom at my parents house down in Whangarei – New Zealand last January. It felt like a cornerstone kind of moment in the progress of the album.

My other favorite part was when we were doing drums out in a cabin in Big Bear and we figured out that by dropping a scrap of building metal trash on the ground into the realm of reverb we’d created it made this insane crashing sound,     which we sampled and is now right through out Leave The Door Wide Open.

AMBY: Currently on your 2014 Tour, how’s touring treating you so far?

Reese: Great! Pretty much business as usual: beer, broken van engines, 7am call times, weird 3am conversations, we eat it all up!

AMBY: Where would your dream concert take place and who would be in the line-up?

Reese: Red Rocks opening for Radiohead.

AMBY: If you could have your music featured in any television show or movie, which would you choose?

Reese: Arrested Development or Pawn Stars.

AMBY: Who have you been listening to lately?

Sean: Strange Babes and Mother.

AMBY: What has you most excited for the rest of 2014?

Sean: Traveling. New places. New songs.

AMBY: Lastly, what’s something about NO that nobody knows yet?

Sean: We have to do 10-12 edits for questionnaires like this because we always write really stupid answers.


Thank you No, for giving us your answers!

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