Concert Review: The Black Lips and The Kitsch @ Teatro Las Vegas Nevada

The night started with the performing of the local band “The Kitsch”, a punk-rock band with surf influences. They were releasing their new EP “Baila Mami, Baila!”: The perfect opening for what were about to happen.

After an hour, the guys of The Black Lips showed up and started playing “Sea of Blasphemy” in front of a not so big crowd. Conforming the sound was getting stronger and stronger, the boys and the crowd started to warm up. After Jared fixed his microphone with a bunch of pink tape everybody started to dance.

Everyone was at ease and we could dance around the whole place because of all the space we got. Almost at the end of the night, they played “Bad Kids”, personally my favorite song, and everybody got crazy. Afterwards they performed “Bow Down and Die” and went out of the stage but the audience started to yell, asking for one more tune and they showed up again, performing two more songs.

When Cole was saying goodbye, with a Colombian flag over his mic, the rest of the guys told him “just one more” and the original set list of 17 songs, ended up being a 20 song one, just the perfect soundtrack for Bogota’s cold and rainy night.

The Black Lips proved that a garage rock band can be stylish and skillful and still have a strong garage and lo-fi sound. They also proved that it isn’t necessary to speak the same language to have a perfect communication with the audience. One just need great music and a dance floor.

They gave us a little bite of their new album: “Underneath The Rainbow” (released March 18), which keeps the classic sound of the band but with a better production. We hope to see them more often over here.

Review by Ángela Rojas (@lAtaraxial)

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