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Polar Maps
Hello to the good people at, and readers of AMBY?. We’re really pleased and humbled to have our debut single featured on the blog, thanks for checking it out!

We are 3 piece band Polar Maps from The Isle of Wight, England. They discovered the Iguanodon here, don’t you know! Oh and Jimi Hendrix played in a field here once. I guess the moral of the tale is that many of the good things that happened here happened a long time ago! But the beaches are really nice so that’s ok.

This track is the first to be released from our forthcoming EP which we’re working hard to get it out asap, along with picking up gigs wherever we can. Having only formed the band in August 2013 we’re still in our infancy but having a great time doing what we love most.

Hope you can all join us on the usual facebook’s etc, if we ever make it to Canada you lot are the first to thank! And according to Google you guys really like naan bread, so that’d be great!

Love Guy, Joe and Daryl x


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