Song of the Day: FAITH – “Daydreaming”

There is too much music out there in the world so you can’t listen to every single song there is. And yet, you should at least try it. With me writing about music, lots of people contact me and want a feature and you can be sure, I listen to all your songs. Of course, I have to say, not every band or musician, actually produced a song which I really love the way it comes, but I’m not ignoring the other tracks, no I listen to them all, and think about them, because I could miss something very nice, I could miss a song that kind of touches me and that would be a shame.

One song that affected me positively with its happy and light instrumentals is “Daydreaming” by a 4-piece Birmingham band called FAITH. Then again, I think of the lyrics and the story behind the song and I realise it’s the song as a whole that makes me react to it, and not too many songs do so. Songwriter Jason Payne said the following concerning the story behind the song: “it’s basically about a girl I met and feeling good about her after meeting her for the first time, and kind of asking myself whether it’s gonna last or not”.

Good news is, the young band which formed in April 2013 is only at the beginning of a big future that may lay ahead of them. They are now playing as many gigs as possible to get their name out into the world and I hope they will continue to make such brilliant tracks as “Daydreaming” is. Catch FAITH in Birmingham at AMBY’s very own show at the O2 Academy 3. Tickets are on sale here.

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