Concert Review: Warpaint and Cate Le Bon @ The Danforth Music Hall

Cate Le BonThere’s something about the slanted floor at the Danforth Music Hall that draws me to the front of the stage, literally. There’s always an eagerness to be close to those that are controlling the feel and energy of the room. The room itself helps but walking in I knew it was all downhill from there, in the good sense of course.

Cate Le Bon casually presented herself to a crowd eager to move. The crowd was met with an intricate delivery of straightforward melodies and lullabies, soothing and buttering the crowd up for the climax that is the headlining act. The native welsh singer, throughout the entire set, developed the mood, intensity and feel, fueled by the increasing interest of the crowd. Cate Le Bon, through falsetto vocal melodies and warm, post rock fueled drum and bass runs, set a good foundation for Warpaint to dance all over.


With the hall packed and the preemptive mutter diminishing and tapering off, Warpaint slid into the pocket of their powerful set. At this point the smoke machines back stage created an ominous and mysterious scene. With the Rickenbacker low end developing a solid, flowing footing, Warpaint moved the bodies of everyone fortunate enough to hear their sound. I myself love a solid bass player, for it can make or break a band in any aspect. But when additionally you have talent in the drummer, singers and guitar players, it makes for flowing and hauntingly beautifully melodies.


Right away the Los Angeles based four-piece started showcasing their new material, fresh off their self-titled album released this past January. Making good use of multiple mediums, Warpaint had their album cover canvased at the back of the venue and a mesmerizing light production, intricately following the beat of the tunes. Multiple times during their set I would stop and really try and see how they were producing the sounds they were. I was impressed to say the least. With such catchy tunes they had a hard time not dancing to their own beat, as did we. Ending the set with some older hits, they left the west-end venue with smiles, reciprocated on the faces of their fans, new and old.

As they head through to the western United States, be sure to catch this energetic performance of dance and liveliness. Their album is available on their website.

For all photos of Warpaint in Toronto, click here.

Review by Stefhan Iwaskow (@sirsvenington) | Photos by Fiona Parks (@fionaparks)

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