Getting Cozy With: Superblondes

SuperblondesHey, We’re Superblondes.

We’re a five piece kind of garagy/rockish/popish band from Ireland.

We started out as an electrocic idea with not the slightest inclination of ever playing live, just recording demos for fun but somewhere along the lines keyboards were thrown to the sides and we became this guitar based loud thing.

Between the five of us our influences range from bands and artists like The Cars, Motley Crue, Queens Of The Stone Age, The Pixies, Julee Cruise, and much more.

Last year we released our debut single ‘Kill Some Time’ and are just about to release our second one called ‘Take And Take’. To us it’s always been a song that we love playing live. It’s definitely a song of two parts, the first being almost surfer and the second becoming a more ambient and atmospheric part that takes it in a new direction altogether.

We’re currently hard at work on our debut LP with the captain Gavin Glass at the production helm.




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