Concert Review: Fast Romantics @ Adelaide Hall

Fast RomanticsSaturday marked the first time I’ve seen a show at Adelaide Hall, and I have to say my feelings on it are mixed. The location is just godawful, in the heart of the club district and right beside the newest addition to 905 central – the “Rockin’ Horse Saloon”. I’d heard horrific things about the Loving in the Name of party being there, as the set up just wasn’t ideal for that party, so my expectations were a bit low, but the sound was actually great, and the set up of Adelaide Hall has almost a Bronze type feel, with its second level surrounding the stage (where all my Whedon fans at).

Fast Romantics have a very Canadian and community driven vibe to their music and performance, the crowd was so amped to see them, and positive, I sometimes had the feeling that I was at a house party with a bunch of friends, listening to a really great indie band. While the Fast Romantics don’t break the mold on the indie rock genre, there are these little hints and sprinkles of great moments in their song writing process that make them stand out from the others. Certain songs like the title track Afterlife Blues, and 90s Life, transport you to a Sadie Hawkins dance in the heart of the 60’s. Other songs like White Lights have a Dylan-esque feel in tone with a fast punching pop hook, and song Old Enough carries hints of The Stills, from their beginnings (RIP). Lead singer Matthew Angus has an extremely distinct voice, it’s raspy and deep, but has a power and infectiousness to it, and with the band members joining on harmonies, I was completely taken over fully by the strength of their sound.

Currently on an extensive cross Canada tour in support of their fantastic full length album, Afterlife Blues (also my favorite song on the album), I urge all readers who have the chance to see them if their coming to town, to grab a pint of beer and do so. This energetic, great Canadian indie band, won’t be playing small, intimate venues for very long.

Lauren Morocco | @LaurenMorocco

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