Concert Review: Sleeping Lies @ Einstein’s Café & Pub

Sleeping LiesWherever you happened to be on the evening of March 29th, you probably experienced something unique. Lights Out With Mill Street took place in over 60 venues across the city with various emerging artists and from 8:30 to 9:30pm, the lights went out and the sound was turned way up. About half of the patrons in Einstein’s Café & Pub were unsuspecting of what would take place as I lit over a hundred candles and explained about Earth Hour. Then I explained that Mill Street Brewery was donating 50 cents from every pint sold that night to Earth Day Canada, my energy and excitement was contagious and others were curious for the music. Everyone agreed that there’s something about the darkness that forces you to listen a little more closely to everything. When one of the senses is compromised, the others are heightened.

What I will say, though, is that there was no hyperbole when it comes to the heart behind the artist in house that night: an indie-folk-rock one-man act under the name Sleeping Lies. Formally trained in singing as a child, GM experienced a connectedness to using his voice as his instrument, and a confidence that allowed him to transform into a breakthrough artist that he is today. Upon our meeting he was laid-back and warm. With a cozy familiarity and mutual passion, we talked about the deep appreciation and support for local music that exists in our city. If people are deliberately coming out for an acoustic show, then they’re the kind that live life with no filter. The acoustic crowd is one of kitchen-parties and campfire sessions, love-making and star-gazing; there really isn’t much more to it when you’re alone with a guitar and realize the power of your own voice.

As soon as the lights went out, GM filled the space with this deep, expressive, raspy voice that caught my full attention. His sound—strumming guitar with aggressive rhythms paired with his honey deep voice that gave off a growl when in full force, filled the walls and stirred emotion in this listener. From songs such as Fade Away that nostalgically give tribute to his roots to Wither Away which tugged on my heart strings about letting things slip through the cracks, were all tantamount to his passion and promise that will lead the path for his musical journey.

Keep your eyes and ears peeled for Sleeping Lies.

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