You’ve GOT to Hear This: NARCS – “Coast to Coast/Souvenir”

NARCSNARCS are a band that I have kept a close eye since I first heard them, as their raw sound and commanding guitars seem to draw something animal out of you with ease. It was encouraging for the band and their fans to see them get signed by Clue Records and release their debut album ‘Two birds, and One Stone Later’, but now releasing the double A sided single ‘Coast to Coast/Souvenir’ is impressive, as it seems to be the real flag in the ground, a statement of intent.

‘Coast to Coast’ featured on their debut album, and was one of the songs that stood out from the bunch as it was loud, vibrant and in your face. The driving guitars and brash drums that burst of from the start set the tempo, and the band refused to let that tempo go until the end of the song. The riffs included in the song seem to ring in the ears, as the aggressive vocals keep you listening. The vocals are a key element in the song, as they follow the theme brought by the rest of the instruments. The vocals had to be forceful in the song else the edge may have been lost, but lead singer Wilko make sure that it isn’t, with his infectious whisky drinking vocals.

‘Souvenir’ is very much the same regarding the feel of the song, as it is still very hostile and contagious, with the riffs and the melody of the song.  The way it is sung is slightly unconventional, as they sway from side to side, jump in when they want and rarely follow the melody, but this component makes it all better. This song is the best of the two as seems to stand alone, and has its own feel, which is down to the impressive guitar work and shout and stomp sense. The ending of the song burst into colour, and all the colours are dark and eerie with a metal touch, but it gives the songs that last bit of energy.

It also features three live songs that the band completed for live at the LCM, which all carry this angsty energy that was built up in the previous two songs. The single is just another step to where NARCS should be heading, as they have proved that they have the songs behind them to take them there.

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