Concert Review + Photos: The Wooden Sky and Dusted @ The Horseshoe

The Wooden Sky
The one nice thing about getting to a venue early for an interview is the ability to just saunter into the venue before the opener has even started sound check. It’s equally nice to sit in the green room and shoot the breeze with the band before they go on stage.


Dusted has the sort of sex appeal that comes with good music, and are consistently captivating, never boring. The band may have sometimes Shins-esque vocals, but an incredibly different sound. Very fun. There are flavors of certain classic bands such as the Kinks (and others). It’s hard to describe, but Dusted creates a sort of zen feeling, not too loud or overbearing, with a stage presence that is itself incredibly calming. There was a feeling of universality while watching Dusted play, like all the small town bar venues all over the world, some that the band may have played and some they have yet to, were all in the room at the same time.

When The Wooden Sky took the stage after Dusted retired to the dressing room (and the free beer), there was electric anticipation in the air. For those unfamiliar with the band’s music, the violin and piano were enough indication of the sound to come. The music was country, but heavy, ornamental. The Wooden Sky provided a good match with Dusted, equal in energy and fun. A fusion of indie and country, but electronic elements and guitar added a level of rock that put The Wooden Sky on par with the other excellent bands of the modern day.

The Wooden Sky
Gavin’s deeper voice paired nicely with the other vocalists of the band, which has a way of using typical country elements such as the harmonica, while not sounding country, possibly due to the addition of piano and violin in certain songs added level of sensitivity and comfort. The show was sold out, so the crowd was duly impressed, and it was exciting to witness such a large crowd (all with lyrics memorized) especially after spending time with the band.

Overall, the evening was a fresh take on a familiar genre, which should (and does) appeal to a large audience. To close the night, I’ll leave you with some words that Gavin left the crowd in introduction to a very melancholic song with soaring guitars, electronics, and harmonica overtones: “The older I get, the less I feel I know, maybe this is all I know. I’m glad you guys can be here to experience it with us.”

Emily Fox | @foxyfoxe

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