Concert Review: The Blackout @ Muni Arts Centre

The Blackout
A packed Muni Arts Centre in Pontypridd, saw host to celebration of Welsh artists of varying genres, styles and a definite feel good factor around the venue all night.

Clear The Auditorium

First on were Clear The Auditorium from Merthyr/Pontypridd the guys have created their own genre and by abusing genres worthless labels. Mixing some nice synth parts that could equally be found on an Example dance track or pulsating through a Prodigy number, breakdowns as slugedy as Gallows, brutal as a Heavy Metal band and appropriate as A Day To Remember. A short and memorable step that saw front man Daffyd Richards jump off a 10ft high cab stack, summing up the unpredictability of their performances and music. New track ‘If We Burn’ ignited the room and was a set highlight.

Falling With Style
Next band Falling With Style have a reputation for being of South Wales’s next big stars waiting to break out. Their Post-Hardcore sound balances hardcore and melody to precision , allowing their music to be more accessible to a wider audience who would usually turn their noses up at it. Technically superb in every riff and a tight set, which front man Lucas Woodland really stepped up to hold the crowd in the palm of his hand, especially among the old favourites that were sung along aloud by the audience.

Peasant's King
Peasant’s King however stepped it up, fuelled by passion, excitement and love of the venue with a blistering performance, sharp ear for a chorus and songs so big they were storming out of the venue. Tracks like ‘Antidotes’ and Cemetery deserve to be played to large crowds at festivals, whilst the sun is blazing down. The razor-sharp Indie-Rock has won critical applause already but is growing and this performance they’ve taken it to a whole new level.

The People The PoetMain support came from The People The Poet whose Alternative Rock is critically acclaimed with their heartfelt and emotional lyrics across the UK music press and tonight the audience were treated to an intense performance of these songs, whilst airing new material. Whilst these songs written about other peoples stories include being raped, drug addiction, abortion and the darker elements of humans life, there are moments of light like Stabilisers (I will be) written about a Dad who wants to give his newborn son everything he can, which includes a gigantic chorus and s spine-tingling moment that will not be forgotten.

The Blackout

Tonight’s headliners The Blackout have a fierce reputation of having an incredible live performance, opening up to their P-A-R-T-Y track Start The Party, it set the performance standard high, raising their game to fend off the young up comers that have dominated tonight’s proceedings. It’s after this track that its front man’s Sean Smith’s instincts that lead him into the crowd for a short while, that causes hysteria passing the microphone over to members of the audience to sing the lyrics, having selfies taken mid-song and inciting the crowd into a mosh frenzy. This is the The Blackout have been in years, going back to the peak of their power, the set was tight, unpredictable, catchy and retained that brilliant banter between Sean and other vocalist Gavin Butler  which is worthy of a place at a comedy night. The songs roll through hit after hit, The Storm, Radio, Children of the Night  and the massive audience leap during Save Our Selves. This was a performance of a band, ready to step up with intent and claim back their crown as the Best In Town.

Review by Richard Samuel (@rich_dbno) | Photos by Menai Richards (Facebook)

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