Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ Nine Black Alps

Nine Black Alps
In October of 2012, Manchester alternative-rockers Nine Black Alps returned with their fourth album Sirens after a three year wait. Flash forward to 2014, the quartet will soon release their fifth studio record Candy For The Clowns on April 21st.  Dive into our new interview below as A Music Blog, Yea? spoke with lead vocalist Sam Forrest about listening to Hole, trading places with Lady Gaga, and how their new album rules.

AMBY: Hey Nine Black Alps, cheers for speaking with us today. How are you, and what’s the band been up to lately?

Nine Black Alps: Fine thanks. We’re all relaxing in the post-album-recording haze, a strange feeling of completion and expectancy.

AMBY: How would you describe each member of the band in one word?

Nine Black Alps: Karl – smiley, James – practical, Sam – sarcastic, David – sultry

AMBY: Which three songs are the quintessential Nine Black Alps?

Nine Black Alps: Not Everyone, Novokaine, and Ironside.

AMBY: Your fifth album Candy for the Clowns is set for release in late April. What were your biggest influences or inspirations on the album?

Nine Black Alps: I was listening to a lot of Hole, and stealing a lot of Courtney Love’s lyrics I guess…

AMBY: What’s the significance behind the record’s title Candy for the Clowns?

Nine Black Alps: It was just a line out of a song that didn’t get used for the album, sounded like an album title and kind of Elliott Smith-ish.

AMBY: How do you feel you’ve evolved as a band since the release of your debut Everything Is?

Nine Black Alps: Probably slightly more sensible with money, apart from that it’s the same old nonsense.

AMBY: What is one reason people should be majorly psyched about your new album?

Nine Black Alps: Because it rules for thirty six minutes non-stop, there’s not a bad moment, trust me.

AMBY: What was the first record you bought, and do you feel that album had an influence on your music?

Nine Black Alps: The Beatles Greatest Hits Part One. Yeah the influence is there in the energy, the economy and the awesomeness.

AMBY: If you could trade places with another artist in the music industry for one day, who would it be?

Nine Black Alps: Lady Gaga, so I could get escorted to my local supermarket by a team of eunuchs dressed as swans.

AMBY: Lastly, what’s something about Nine Black Alps that nobody knows yet?

Nine Black Alps: We’re actually massively successful, overrated and rich.


Thank you Nine Black Alps, for giving us your answers!

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