Concert Review: Band of Skulls @ The Atomic Café

Band of Skulls
Band of Skulls
have been in Munich three times now, 2010, 2012 and last Sunday, on April 13th. All the concerts have been at the wonderful Atomic Café and luckily I can say I have been to all of the three gigs (and therefore witnessed the impressive development the band from Southampton went through over the years).

I have been a massive fan of Emma, Matt, and Russell since I first heard their album “Baby Darling Doll Face Honey” in November of 2009 and a lot has happened up ’til today. Only about two weeks ago, Band of Skulls released their third album called “Himalayan”, a great work which proved me wrong, in a very positive sense of meaning, because I thought their musical works couldn’t get any better than they had been in their previous releases.

However, listening to “Himalayan” before the gig in Munich only made me feel even more excited about the concert and if you haven’t heard the new songs yet then you should do that as soon as you can; the album is unbelievably brilliant.

Unbelievable for me at first was also the big success Band of Skulls has experienced over the last few years, which could be seen on and off the stage. To be honest, I think that only the comfortable, personal, and unique feeling the Atomic Café gives — with its knee-high stage and (in comparison to other venues) small space — made the band’s actual success look less than it really is, which was good though, because it made the concert even more special. And it was special indeed.

Band of Skulls
Band of Skulls played a fantastic mix of songs from all of their albums, starting with “Asleep At The Wheel” and “Himalayan” before continuing with tracks like “I Know What I Am”, “Bruises”, “Bomb”, “The Devil Takes Care Of His Own”, “Nightmares”, or “Toreador”. The band definitely knew how to entertain the sold-out venue; Matt filled tiny breaks during the set with cracking drum solos and guitar player and singer Russell showed off his language skills by saying “Dankeschön” (thank you) in perfect German, with a smile on his face after every few songs and often went to the very front of the stage. During such stellar tracks like “Hoochie Coochie”, “Brothers And Sisters”, or “Hollywood Bowl” the many fans freaked out and sang along to the tunes as loud as possible, they made it clear it was a night no one of the people in the audience will ever forget. After having played 15 songs, the band went off stage, but luckily came back soon to play three encore songs, and although the show was about 1 hour and 30 minutes long, I wish it would have been even longer.

All in all, however, I had a fantastic time and I can’t wait to see Band of Skulls live again. In my opinion, the three members are going to be the new British rock gods and I’m pretty sure they will continue to be as epic as they are now.

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