Song of the Day: The Stacks – “Smash And Crash”

The Stacks
“Smash and Crash” is the most recent single by Nuneaton 4-piece indie-rock band The Stacks. A cool drumbeat, very nice guitar riffs, and awesome lyrics make the track a brilliant one. It’s definitely a fast tune with a melody that’ll be stuck in your head for a while, and is a song that you’ll want to turn it up as loud as possible. And then there is the story that comes along with “Smash and Crash”: “The song is kind of about knowing you should really be settling down, but not really being sure how to go about it. It’s about the guilty conscience in the back of your head that says ”Don’t do that” but you know you’re going to anyway and you know you’re going to enjoy it. Like being out of control but knowing it and kind of enjoying it…” singer Dan Smith said to me. Sounds interesting to you already? “Smash and Crash” even comes with a nice video which you can (and should) watch below. I absolutely love the song and video for the track and can’t wait to see The Stacks live again to hear more of their works. At the moment, the band is promoting their EP and filming more music videos, before gigging as much as possible and if you ever have the chance to catch them live then you really should take the opportunity. You won’t be disappointed.

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